Welcome to my brand new blog

Welcome to my brand new blog

I’m very excited to finally have launched my new portfolio website a couple of days ago! It features a selection of my recent projects and – starting today – it also includes a brand new blog focusing on web design and development. I have to admit that it took me a little longer than expected, but now I’m quite happy with the design.

In this very first post I’ll tell you about the tools I used and about the design process.

The first step was to get a basic idea of the allover concept I wanted to create. I started sketching some very basic and minimal drafts and decided to go with some sort of retro look and feel. I then designed the site in Adobe Photoshop and choose a beige-brown color scheme combined with some nice subtle texture to add a bit of life and depth to the design.

To spice things up a little, I created a couple of icons in Adobe Illustrator and also threw in some stars and arrows here and there. The logo was created in Illustrator as well, after I sketched it in my notebook and before I processed it in Photoshop.

Porting the design from PSD to HTML 5 and CSS 3 has been a real pleasure due to the use of the awesome Twitter Bootstrap in combination with lessc. I made sure to stay completely mobile friendly and followed the concepts of responsive design.

Implementing this website also was my first close contact with the new Panic Coda 2. I really love the way this package combines all the important tools I frequently use during web development, including a terminal and a MySQL editor. Although I probably havn’t spotted half the new features yet, I’m a fan already.

Behind the sences, the website is based on the amazing CMS WordPress, using a custom theme, custom plugins and custom widgets. To separate blog posts and portfolio items for example, I created a custom post_type for my featured projects. This post_type contains a slide show gallery and since I wanted to itemize the services I provided for the different projects, I added a couple of one-click service presets. That way I won’t have to re-type the exact same strings over and over again. Feels kind of good so far.

While the content of my portfolio and front pages is written in german, I decided to stick to english when it comes to blogging and writing tutorials. Hopefully, this will allow me to reach a little broader audience or at least improve my english skills.

Depending on the further developments, I might switch to either one of these languages completely or turn this whole thing into a multilingual website. Time will tell…

What’s next?

I still got a couple of things on my list, but I just couldn’t wait any longer and had to launch the current version. Though I’m constantly tweaking and refurbishing the site here and there. So for now, this still a work in progress and the website will hopefully grow over time.

In future posts I plan to blog about my projects and publish tutorials with a focus on web design and development. Topics may range from Photoshop to WordPress, back to Illustrator, HTML, CSS and jQuery as well as Apache, MySQL and anything related.

I’m really looking forward to it and I can’t wait to find out, how you people will react on it! Your feedback is highly appreciated!

So, let me know: How do you like the all over design so far and what would you like me to write about first?

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