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Deregister CSS and JS Files From All-in-One Event Calendar Plugin

One of the most popular and feature rich WordPress plugins for dealing with calendars and events is the All-in-One Event Calendar by Unfortunately, it misses the option to deactivate the default CSS and JS files. This code snippet takes care of this issue.

How To Write a Full Screen Web App Optimized For iOS Devices

In my last tutorial I showed you how to create a vintage clock in Photoshop. Now it’s time to turn the design into a working web app optimized for mobile devices. We’ll use some cool new features introduced with HTML5 and CSS3 and we’ll also write some lines of Javascript to make the clock tick.

Design a Vintage Clock With Rusty Mechanics In Photoshop

Follow this step by step guide to create a cool vintage clock design with lots of detail. We’ll be working with textures, patterns and brushes to bring out the rusty mechanics and the distressed imprint. Further, I’ll show you a nifty little trick to make use of custom Photoshop actions to perform repeating tasks.

Create a Glossy Help Icon In Illustrator

I’ve always been a fan of beautifully designed icons. They can really spice up any web design and add that extra touch of detail. Not only do they look cool – they also play a leading role in terms of UX. Many common functionalities of websites have been given their unique, recognizable visual counterpart over time.

In today’s tutorial we’ll design a modern help & support icon. The life belt is a popular choice for this duty. Let’s get straight to it.

Create a Fancy Rope Brush In Illustrator

In this tutorial we’ll create a custom pattern brush that can be used to draw cool, comic style ropes in Illustrator. We’ll make heavy use of the Pathfinder tool while working on the individual shapes and of course you will learn how to create brushes in Illustrator.

The rope brush can then be applied to any path and shape in any size needed.

How To Create a Simple Typographic Poster Design

Meaningful quotes and inspiring words always have a great impact on us. Typographic posters offer a wonderful way to promote a vision as well as products and brands. As long as the quotation is strong enough, the design itself may be as minimalistic as possible, while the poster can still make a huge impression.

Follow this step by step tutorial to create a simple typographic poster design with Illustrator and Photoshop. Learn how to use glyphs and vectors to customize fonts and how to create a print ready, textured composition in Photoshop.

Create a trendy, highly detailed app icon in Photoshop

In this tutorial we’ll be creating a highly detailed iOS app icon for an imaginary golfing app in Photoshop. We’ll use various layer styles and customized brushes to create the shading of the wood and the grass. The golf ball will be built using a 3D sphere with a realistic bump map.

Welcome to my brand new blog

I’m very excited to finally have launched my new portfolio website a couple of days ago! It features a selection of my recent projects and – starting today – it also includes a brand new blog focusing on web design and development. I have to admit that it took me a little longer than expected, but now I’m quite happy with the design.

In this very first post I’ll tell you about the tools I used and about the design process.